5 Trending Free Online Courses to take in Lockdown

Now if you are someone who has luxurious time during this COVID 19 Lockdown try out our categorized list of the Best Trending 5 Free Online Courses to take in Lockdown. It will expand & sharpen your skills for a better Career Growth.

Learning has changed significantly, with the rise of online learning, whereby educating is embraced remotely and on computerized stages. Similarly, the Emergence of lockdown across the globe because of the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a large number of people to be encouraged to remain inside as much as possible. COVID 19 has brought about Schools, Colleges & Educational Institutions to a standstill across the globe. In short, over 1.2 billion learners are out of their classrooms.

 Amidst the progressing Coronavirus Pandemic crisis, online-based learning organizations are seeing an increment in the number of Learners who are utilizing their foundation and application. That is an extraordinary thought to do online courses that should be possible during this time. Online courses are perfect for remaining engaged and active during the lockdown.

Remember, “Lost time is never found again.

– Benjamin Franklin.
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Now if you are someone who has luxurious time during this lockdown try out these Online Courses to expand & sharpen your skills for a better career.

The 5 Best Online Courses to Learn During Lockdown

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is on the rise and includes search result ads, email ads, and promoted tweets – anything that incorporates marketing with customer feedback or a two-way interaction between the company and customer. In short, Digital Marketing is the utilization of the Internet, cell phones, Social media, web indexes, and different channels to reach consumers. The Number of Digital Marketing Jobs Are Increasing Rapidly.

Thinking of Learning the Digital Marketing Skills Is a Good Idea during This Lockdown. Research Suggests that demand for digital marketing executives will increase by 38%. Online courses are perfect for remaining engaged and active during the lockdown.

Internet marketing - online courses

Let’s See the Few Benefits of Taking the Digital Marketing Course:

  • Digital Marketing is a youthful industry with immense development possibilities.
  • The Scope of Digital Marketing Is Increasing Rapidly and taking Online Courses Helps You In Getting Better Salary.
  • Acquiring Digital Marketing Skills Will Help You to Work as a Freelancer or Work from Home.
  • You Can Even Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency With Almost Zero Investment.
  • Having Digital Marketing Skills Helps You To Benefit From More Career Choices.

What you will learn in the Course:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Building and Analysis
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Analytics and much more

Best Online Platforms to Learn Digital Marketing Courses

(Check out Our Experts Review)

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Finance Management

This Course has a huge scope in this money-making world. These courses will not only provide you knowledge and information but also, will help you in changing your perspective regarding money. Financial management deals with the procurement of financial resources, its allocation, and utilization effectively. It’s the management of funds effectively for the benefit of the company and all the stakeholders in at optimum way. For that, it uses many concepts and tools on various occasions for effective management. Financial management is one of the most significant parts of the business.

financial management - online courses

To start or even maintain a fruitful business, you will require great information and knowledge on financial management. Financial management courses are significant because of the different advantages they offer to the students who enlist themselves in these courses.

These courses offer Knowledge about the money related administration by altogether covering various subjects which fall under the domain of financial management. Subjects like working capital, capital structure, monetary and financial pointers, planning, income, Budgeting, and so forth are educated in detail in these courses. The content of these courses is intended to give the students details and a far-reaching comprehension of the significance and effect of money related control in any organization.

Let’s See The Few Benefits of Financial Management Course:

  • Studying financial management opens up a lot of diverse career opportunities. Some of the career options include investment banking, entrepreneurship, financial analysis, financial and managerial accounting, and strategic financial management.
  • Learning strong financial management will assist you with keeping better track of your funds, the business funds and figure out how to comprehend the organization’s financial health better.
  • People working in this sector are usually paid very well, whether it is at the entry-level or the management level. Additionally, this is a highly skilled job role that is always in demand, even during recessions.
  • A career in finance is also ranked higher in a prestigious poll of education in the country.
  • The demand for careers in financial management has increased by 14%, careers in financial advising by 32%, and careers in the financial analysis by 23%. So, There is Greater Job Prospect.

What you will learn in Finance management course:

  • Understand the Basics of Financial Management.
  • Financial management Courses teach you to manage your financial resources both on a personal level and within your business plan.
  • Learn basic accounting principles.
  • Understand how companies measure financial performance.
  • Assess investment opportunities.

Best Online Platforms to Learn Finance Management

(According to Experts Review)

  1. The Complete Finance Manager Course 2020 – Udemy.
  2. Finance Foundations – LinkedIn learning. (Free)
  3. Finance Essentials – edX. (Free)
  4. Finance for Everyone Specialization – Coursera. (Free)
  5. Financial Accounting – Alison.

MS Office

Microsoft Office has become a leading platform to drive productivity at home and in the workplace. It includes MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Project, and so on that are utilized by people both in their own and expert circles. The Microsoft Office Suite is a significant collection of Desktop applications, for example, MS Access for the database, PowerPoint for Presentations, word for reports and documents, Excel for spreadsheets, and substantially more.

It is considered as the total answer for any business association and is an extremely incredible and adaptable approach to convey the best work to the association. Gaining information and aptitude in Microsoft Office would permit a person to get proficient and improve their work effectiveness alongside contributing more to their Organization.

MS Office - online courses

Let’s See The Few Benefits of Taking Microsoft Office Course:

  • Having certification and knowledge in Microsoft Office will assist you with building your resume and helps you to have an edge over other candidates during any recruitment.
  • It helps you to make important business decisions quickly.
  • The learning from Microsoft Office courses m will give you a wide range of career positions to choose from.
  • Microsoft Office is presently versatile after they developed Office Mobile, which offers to-utilize versions of Microsoft Office applications for cell phones.
  • Learning MS office Skills Helps You to increase Efficiency.

What you will learn in Microsoft Office course:

  • Learn the essential and advanced Microsoft Office Skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.
  • Sending Email through Outlook.
  • Creating Professional Charts, Graphs, Tables, and Graphics.
  • Creating and managing tasks and reminders.
  • Learn time-saving techniques In MS office.

Best Online Platforms to Learn MS Office Courses

(According to Experts Review):

  1. Microsoft Office; Excel, Word & PowerPoint 2019: Beginners – Udemy.
  2. Microsoft Office – LinkedIn Learning. (Free)
  3. Excel Skills for Business Specialization – Coursera. (Free)
  4. Microsoft Office – GoSkills. (Fre
  5. Microsoft Office Fundamentals: Outlook, Word, and Excel – edX. (Free)

Learning a New Spoken Language

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice.”

― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets.

If you think English is enough to communicate with anybody in this world, you are sadly misinformed. Statistically the highest spoken foreign language in the world is Chinese with 20.7%, followed by English at 6.2%. That means that 93.8% of people do not speak English. The world that we live in is not even but full of biases. Media constantly manipulate facts or events to fit their taste for money, and politicians abuse it for their vote points or propaganda. So, only using or understanding one language often makes us biased and even brain-washed. But if we learn another language, especially the language in which people in the country of a particular conflict speak is very useful.

learning new language - online courses

Learning a foreign language in the 21st Century has a lot of advantages.

Learning is always useful. You never know when your knowledge will come in handy. As to how beneficial learning a foreign language would be will depend upon what you want to do in life. Knowing different languages is and has always been a brownie point.

Let’s See The Few Benefits of Learning New Language:

  • There are certain language based jobs like that of a translator.
  • Research Study Shows that Learning New Language raises your IQ.
  • Industry is now offering excellent career scope for those who are efficient in speaking foreign languages.
  • In an increasingly globalized market, if your C.V. accolades a foreign language, your chances of being hired are more significant for you than for those who don’t speak any.
  • You can communicate fluently with the foreign delegates in business meetings, events and conferences.

What you will learn in New Language course:

  • Learning How to pronounce words and Numbers in that language.
  • Basic Conversation in the Language.
  • You learn the history and culture of another society.
  • You will learn to Read and Write a Particular Language.
  • You will be able to ask questions and form sentences in numerous real-life situations.
goodbye in different languages

Best Online Platforms to Learn New Language

(According to Our Experts Review)

Learning a Musical Instrument

Those of you who had thought of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument, this Is the Best Time to start it through Online. Learning a Musical Instrument may be something you’ve wanted to do but put off due to being busy Pre-COVID. Since you can’t physically go to a Teacher, it doesn’t mean you can’t figure out a way to Learn Music. Check out a few platforms that offer you the best Courses for a musical instrument.

Let’s See The Few Benefits of Taking Musical Instrument Course:

  • Research suggests that playing an Instrument makes you Smarter.
  • The Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University states that learning a musical instrument helps to strengthen memory and improve reading skills.
  • Playing music puts your vitality, Energy, and Focus on positivity, which can help reduce your stress. It can reduce your anxiety and help you get your pulse down to a solid and healthy level.
  • It also helps Develop Discipline in Life.
  • Music can also be an Icebreaker while meeting New People.

What you will learn in the Musical Instrument course:

  • Deeper Understanding of some aspects of Music.
  • Understand the function of chords in progressions.
  • You will learn the absolute basic essential techniques that will allow you to play any song in any style.
  • You will learn to read and understand the music sheet.
  • Most Logical Step-by-step method to Play songs, Master Chords, Scales, etc.
Learning music online - free online courses

Best Online Platforms to Learn Musical Instrument Course

(According to Experts Review):


In short, the question to you is Do you want to make the most of your time? If Yes, then there is a vast variety of Online courses available based on the need and requirements of different groups of people. But before you go on to start any course you need to figure out a few questions for yourself.

  1. What are your key Skill-sets? – both technical and soft skills.
  2. Which Skills do you want to learn/sharpen?
  3. Will your current skill set be valuable in the future?
  4. Do you have to upgrade your skills as per future requirements?

If you can identify all the above answers then you should prepare yourself for the future with some latest online courses.

Since it is the technology, that is surpassing all the inventions. We would also suggest you take the computer science-related courses like Machine learning, Programming Languages (Java, Python, R etc.), Website Development, Application/ Software Development, and so on. They have the huge potential these days as well as in the coming days.

Apart from the topics mentioned above. There are various other trending topics such as:

  1. SQL and Tableau – Big Data.
  2. Project Management.
  3. Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  4. Cyber Security.
  5. Cloud Computing.
  6. Robotics, Animations & much more.

We hope this will help you in your decision making! You should choose your courses as per your interests and their scope in your life.

At Career Online Courses we’re constantly working on new features. If you have an idea for how to make our blogs more effective or if we have missed out on any additional info, please let us know in our comments section below. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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