An Overview of Byju’s – The Learning App


Byjus is one of the largest Online Learning Platforms in Asia which is offering Online studies to millions of students.  In March 2019, it was the world’s most valued edtech company.

What is the Byjus App?

  • Founded in 2011 as “Think and Learn Pvt Ltd” by Mr.Byju Raveendran with a strong team of experts across content, media, and technology to create a world-class learning tool.
  • In 2015, they launched Byju’s app with quality content for grades 6 to 12.
  • In 2016, it became the first Asian company to receive a $50 Million investment from the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative.
  • In 2017, it launched K5 apps for the 4th and 5th grades.
  • Byju’s learning app became a Harvard Business school case study.


Now is the time to step ahead in the technology world. The Revolution of Technology took us by storm. We may have an ‘app’ after 20 years for anything that could open up a new space. Consider just a few examples, such as ATMs, digitized phone directories, or talking to type software that paved the way for a change in our lives.

Over the years we have seen the same conventional method of studying. Attending the examination, sitting in the library, listening to the instructor, taking notes, learning, attending the exam, and progressing to the next point. It takes the syllabus a minimum of five years to revise!

Online classes are a burst of fresh air that cracks the mold of studying in the classroom. Since we have too many ‘games’ that have streamlined our lives why not have an app for learning? Byju ‘s learning app has taken the education world by storm. Their adaptive module has been developed by an alumnus of IIT and IIM that not only allows learning more fun but also helps to hold it in memory for a long time.

    A quick view of benefits:

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Education at your fingertip
  • Synchronizes learning
  • Affordable learning
  • Active and efficient education
  • Acquire skill
  • Individual attention

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Today, over 42 million students are learning from BYJU’S. They spend an average of 71 minutes of learning every day with the app. 93% of parents reported an increase in their children’s grades after using BYJU’S-The Learning App.

The app has classes from India’s best teachers including Byju Raveendran, the founder, and the CEO. BYJU ‘S 1000 + R&D workforce created the whole device in-house and is leveraging state-of-the-art simulation technologies. The workforce is dedicated to making learning more enjoyable and productive. The software often personalizes learning depending upon the speed and preferred preference of each pupil.

The pleasant instructors around the country are brought collectively at a single place to provide you state-of-the-art education.

  • Discover the growth, in overall performance.
  • All contents mapped to the curriculum and beyond.
  • Feel the distinction of an adaptive style of learning followed via a complete and in-depth analysis of all tests taken. 
  • The students come to be their own best judges.
  • Enjoy the consolation of the use of the device anytime, anywhere – online or maybe offline. 
  • Join the experience of a child’s development and overall performance in the publications updated actual time. 
  • Be a part of a revolutionary mastering enjoys included for you via experts of extensive capabilities in specific fields. 

All this and extra in an unmarried tool of your convenience. The new edition of the software provides free ‘Live Classes’ from top instructors in India. Students may pick their favorite subject and book their free classes online.


Byju provides its students and parents with a lot of advantages   than its competitors. 

You can always choose your own time and schedule to complete each course. It’s all about understanding. As we know, the conventional teaching methods don’t work in the same way for each and every student. As humans, each individual has a different level of understanding and skill. Some understand the lesson in a single go whereas some have to read it multiple times to understand it. Some understand much better when it is in a video. Byju understands each student and his/her capability and works according to it. You can always learn the lesson in your own phase.

Byju’s make education facile and understandable using graphics, diagrams, animations, videos, etc. They have their own ways to make you feel that education is fun and easy. Every time you finish a chapter you are required to take a test that will provide you with the test feedback. This enables you to understand yourself better. 

Byju’s provides an edge over its competitors by providing 24/7 mentor for you, who will guide you through every process in the app. One of the biggest advantages is that you can always choose or change your mentor if you are not satisfied with your current mentor. They will provide you a schedule so that you can organize your studies. The student portal provides the students with all the questions answered that they may come across in their journey. You can also find different questions asked by students across the country and answered by experts.

Byju also provides a platform for the parents so that they can keep an eye on the progress of their children. This feature helps the parents to manifest how many hours their children have spent on the app, how many chapters they have completed, how well their children are doing in the test, and the progress of their children.

 Therefore, Byju’s is an overall package that helps you study in the best possible way and to make education more fun.

Courses Offered

  • Class 1-12 (State/CBSE/ICSE)
  • JEE/NEET – Online Classroom Program
  • JEE/NEET – Crash Course
  • UPSC Preparation
  • Commerce
  • Bank PO
  • IAS

Class 1-3 (LKG &UKG)

A special offering from BYJU’S in collaboration with Disney India. Crafted for young children aged between 6-8 years. Disney BYJU’S Early Learn app will offer personalized, interactive programs featuring Disney’s timeless stories and characters, including Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, Disney Princesses, and more. 1000s of animated videos, games, stories, and quizzes will make learning memorable for young children. To Check out the Price Click here.

Class 4-5 (K5)

The newly launched BYJU’s K5 App offers students the Platform to explore the World Of Math through games, interactive videos, and quizzes. Build a strong foundation in math with Byjus. To Check out the Price Click here.

Class 6-10 (K6 – K10)

Children who study from grade 6 to grade 10 require a solid base. Children of this age have good grasping skills and things learned at this age tend to retain a long time in their memory. Thus, it is necessary to give them the right forum to learn and develop. Their comprehensive model is designed to facilitate and make learning fun. To Check out the Price Click here.

Class 11-12 (K11 – K12)

This curriculum is planned especially for students studying in their Classes 11 and 12, which is the critical stage for beginning and training for their professions. Students studying in 11th and 12th grade must prepare for the entrance exams that will shape their future.


JEE and NEET are the entrance examinations for the respective Engineering and Medical courses. Both JEE and NEET are intense competition national level exams that require a great deal of dedication and special tricks to crack them. Byju experts are training students to develop their own future. To Check out the Price Click here.

Byjus CAT Prep

Many aspirants wish to crack the CAT and climb the corporate ladder. Analytical abilities, thinking skills, and time control are essential to achieve success in the CAT Entrance exam. Byju Raveendran, alumni of IIM and CAT topper, and his erudite team is here to educate you on the tricks and shortcuts to nail the CAT.

Byjus IAS Prep

 In our country, we have a lot of young people, who want to serve the nation. The IAS section under byjus provides aspirants with this platform. IAS is one of the toughest exams requiring extensive knowledge and taking a great deal of time to prepare. Byju ‘s team has developed a comprehensive model to help aspirants of the IAS live their dream. To Check out the Price Click here.

What is BYJU’S Home Learning Program (BHLP)?

BYJU’S -The Learning App helps students master concepts through rich visuals and personalized learning programs. BYJU’S Tutor, a one-of-a-kind connect and learn feature, will enable a BYJU’S certified teacher to make the student revise concepts, make him or her practice problems and solve any doubts in real-time

 The Tutor ensures a high level of engagement through scheduled learning and constant guidance from BYJU’S education experts. Under BHLP, a student gets to learn in the best possible way through engaging and personalized programs. To Check out the Price Click here.

Featured Benefits

  • Personalized learning programs
  • Revise concepts
  • Practice sessions with tutors
  • Solve questions real-time with tutors
  • Topic choice flexibility 
  • Understand complex concepts 
  • Clear doubts


  • LEARN: Developed by BYJU ‘s R&D Group through immersive online lessons and customized learning journeys.
  • TEST:  Practice mastery with chapter wise assessments which are customized to every student’s learning requirement.
  • Analyze: The software performs a detailed review focused on the student’s unique assessments and specific learning routes. To plan better and improve, the students receive a detailed analysis of their progress and performance.
  • REVISE: Increasing the curriculum provides students with review and practice sessions to refine their interpretation of concepts and help them excel in their exams.
  • FOR EXAM: The modules are designed in such a way that all state-level Boards, ICSE and CBSE syllabuses for classes 6-10 and IIT JEE and NEET training for classes 11-12 are protected entirely.
  • Competitive exam prepTo crack the CSAT, GS Prelims, and Mains, the IAS aspirants get tricks and guidance from IAS toppers. They are also trained through current affairs photos, weekly quizzes concerning current affairs. Their experienced IAS Faculty delivers detailed and interactive video tutorials on all the subjects.

States Offered

  • Maharashtra                                                 
  • Gujarat
  • Telangana
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Utter Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajasthan
  • Bihar
  • Kerala
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu

Text Book Solutions (Free)

  • NCERT Solutions and Exemplar
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 6 to Class 12
  • RD Sharma Solutions
  • RS Aggarwal Solutions
  • ICSE Selina Solutions

Exam Preparations

  • UPSC Syllabus           
  • UPSC Exam
  • CAT Exam
  • IAS Exam
  • JEE Main
  • Govt. Exams


BYJU’S offer a lot of resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers to excel in what they are looking for on the website. They offer Blogs, Videos, CBSE sample question papers, and much more. You will be overwhelmed with the resources to learn. They provide you with a ton of breezy videos for the course you choose to pursue. Well if reading is your thing, Byju’s offer a lot of easy to understand blogs throughout all courses. It is a place where you can learn as never before.

Latest Updates

  • Live classes: The BYJU ‘S teachers hold free live classes for students in classes 4 through 12. Such online classes cover Math and Science of CBSE and the state commission. Students may select the subjects and take part in these free classes.
  • Practice:  For any definition, this app provides warm-up, run, and sprint mode. This unique feature allows students to evaluate at their own speed, based on their understanding level
  • Knowledge Graphs: Comprehensive information graphs give students tailor-made suggestions to help explain concepts

Accolades & Awards

  • Winner of ET Now Business Leader of the Year – Best Startup (2020)
  • Winner of Edtech company of the year award at Indian Education Congress (2020)
  • Winner of VC Circle Awards for Education Company of the Year (2016, 2018, 2019)
  • Winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India and Fast 500 Asia Award (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019)
  • Winner of EY Entrepreneur of the year – Startup (2018)
  • Winner of NASSCOM Design4India Design Award 2018 for the ‘Best Design’ -Mobile Category (2018)

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